1. Better technical quality and financial conditions when acquiring equipment, by working directly with our partner company LOKI.
  2. Immediate reduction of your energy costs, and direct benefits for your company finances.
  3. Leaves your financial resources intact, and borrowing capacity (does not figure with CIRBE – Bank of Spain Credit Reporting Agency), and therefore your investment capacity.
  4.  On completion of the work, you will own equipment in perfect working order, without having made any special financial effort to do so.
  5.  Under normal circumstances, you will see a financial return before completion of the warranty period of the equipment installed.



Andled Energy - Financing

We follow a systematic process to analyse your needs and consumption in order to identify each and every one of the savings and optimisation opportunities that will reduce your energy bill.

Andled Energy - Proceso de cuatro fases

1. Information

We gather all information relating to your facilities, consumption and requirements

2. Analysis
We carry out a technical study of the data, and identify opportunities for optimisation

3. Project
A proposal is presented, with a list of lighting and consumption optimisation measures

4. Contract
The contract outlines the initial saving, repayment period for the facility, and predicted final savings