In-house manufacture


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We have our own development department in our partner company LOKI, where all the products required for each project are manufactured to the highest European quality standards.

With a competitive pricing policy and a 5 year guarantee on all our products, we rank alongside the most prestigious international manufacturers in the most demanding sectors of the market.

Thanks to our own production capacity, we can offer solutions that are truly tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and project.


Andled energy - Fabricación propia

In addition to lighting, andled energy can also carry out audits of your company’s installations – air conditioning, hot water production, heating, etc. to identify opportunities for optimisation and savings.

Whenever possible, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions by replacing systems or fuels with more efficient options like Photovoltaic panels, and always with the same financing policy: no installation costs and guaranteed minimum savings of 10% from the first month.