SMEs and Institutions


Just like large companies, institutions and small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from the advantages of energy efficiency and its resulting financial savings.

For those faced with day-to-day management and the ever-difficult challenge of controlling expenses, optimisation of energy consumption is an essential step that must be undertaken in the short term to improve the control of expenses and competitiveness. Thanks to the financial solutions offered by andled energy, this step can be carried out without the need for costly investments that affect company finances, with energy savings offering quick returns on the installation and significant financial savings from day one. Find out how.

Throughout our company’s history, we have offered advice and carried out projects for clients from an exceptionally wide variety of sectors, which include:

· Educational and cultural: schools, libraries, etc.
· Health centres: hospitals, medical centres, etc.
· Commercial areas: supermarkets, car showrooms, etc.
· Others: car parks, warehouses, exterior lighting, road and urban.

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